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Outdoor Fan cooling energy storage cabinetCategory:ESS Container / Cabinet

Outdoor Fan cooling energy storage cabinet

Independent energy storage/user-side energy storage


Industrial and commecial parks/microgrids 

Applications:industrial and commecial enterprises,data centers,industrial park energy storage,commecial buildings,large industrial,mobile energy storage

Highly integrated

Modular design,compatible with 600-1000V system

Highly integrated cell,BMS,temperature control and fire protection systems

Modular high energy density design,saving land area 50%;support full container transportion,reduce site installation costs and commission time

Efficient thermal management

Using fan  cooling extreme temperature control system,the temperature difference between cells inside the battery cluster is less than 2℃,and the service life is increased by 33%

Safe and reliable 

Lithium iron phosphate cell with high thermal stability is selected

IP55 high protection grade,adapt to complex outdoor enviroment, C4 corrosion protection,15 years of reliability

Intelligent fire fighting system,quick response,full immersion fire extinguishing,safe and reliable 

Intelligent and friendly

Support cell interal resistance real-time detection,multi-dimensional analysis of battery status

Rapid state detection and fault recording,to achieve rapid system fault location and analysis.