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Intelligent HESS-S200 9.6KWh (Expandable)Category:Residential ESS

Intelligent HESS-S200 9.6KWh (Expandable)


Kaige HESS series of intelligent lithium battery products for energy storage are household energy storage systems for single-phase or three-phase power grid.

This is an intelligent, parallel expansion of lithium battery products. In the pv - energy storage system, the lithium battery will store the photovoltaic power generation into the lithium battery, which will be used by the equipment in other periods of time, increasing the system income and ensuring the stability of the power system. In addition, the battery can also be used as a backup power supply. After the power grid is disconnected, the battery can continue to provide power to users, ensuring that important devices can work normally for a period of time and improving the reliability of the power supply system. The product also has intelligent management and perfect protection function.

You can flexibly deploy the product as required. Each lithium battery module is 2.4KWh and can be expanded in parallel to maximum of eight lithium battery modules, which is19.2KWh.

Long cycle life

Using lithium iron phosphate battery, which is safe and cycle life above 6000 times

High specific energy

Aluminum alloy lightweight design, compact structure, and attractive appearance

High efficiency

48V universal voltage platform, optimized topology,
efficient charging and discharging

Outdoor installation

Protection grade IP65, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation

Modular integration

Modular design, large optional capacity range, flexible installation, convenient expansion

Convenient monitoring

With perfect CAN, RS485 communication through PC
or inverter monitor the system.